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How To: It's Time to Conquer Basic Rehab KPIs

Posted On: January 19, 2018 by CareConnections in: Rehab Marketing, The Basics

Estimated Reading Time: 7 Minutes Last Update: 1/19/2018 Rehab KPIs Part 1: Definition & Examples of Key Performance Indicators for Rehab Practices KPIs are metrics used to determine whether you’re meeting goals for specific outcomes. They are the metrics that best illustrate progress towards that goal. Let’s use an example to take us through this process. Imagine you’re running Anytown Physical Therapy. Your overarching goals are to: Increase profit Provide quality care Increase awareness in your community (especially your target market) about who can benefit from physical therapy There is more than one way to increase profit. You can increase revenue while maintaining costs. You can cut costs. You can change your payer mix to favor higher reimbursements. You can effectively implement care extenders. You can add a product line. You know your company – you’re comfortable with your payer mix and making a profit on most patients but you