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Posted On: August 2, 2018 by CareConnections in: Patient-Centered Care, Reports

You can’t solve a problem you won’t acknowledge. I know this, because I too am human and I too care deeply about the work I put into the world. I have been working as a former-counselor in the field of physical therapy for over ten years now. I have had continuing education students call me crying for test answers because they got a “B.” I’ve seen seasoned therapists quit a program they have spent thousands of dollars on because they couldn’t handle constructive feedback. I have had clinic owners call me, desperate to find an outcomes report that puts them in a favorable light, rather than face the fact that they are not above average. An incomplete plan of care means either a prospective patient didn’t buy into the concept of physical therapy that your practice pitched, or they were with you for a while but drifted off. Both are rejections and both sting. We tell ourselves, “They weren’t committed,” or “They got better.”