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2 top places you need to be online besides your website

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes
Last Update: 3/12/2018

Hands down the most important place to be online is Google My Business. A screaming close second is Facebook. In my research, almost everyone has started a Facebook page, so I’ll hardly touch on it here. The number of practices that have not claimed their business on Google is much larger, and it’s a big deal. How do you think your target market is searching for you?

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool provided by Google to help Google understand your business for search engine purposes and to verify you’re the real deal and not built by some Nigerian Prince. Google will use the information you provide to help your prospective patients and clients find you when they are looking for you or the services you provide.

Why do I care about a Google My Business Account?

Let’s take a look at an example. We’ll do two Google searches.

Search 1: Physical Therapy Medford Oregon on Google. Here’s a screen shot of the results.

SERP PT Medford

Notice how we can’t even see the organic search results yet. We have ads and an excerpt from Maps. If you put geography in your search terms, Google will pull up a map, and if you don’t have a listing, you won’t be shown. Also, you can see here the benefits of spending a few dollars on ads.

A quick side note – even though ATI doesn’t have a clinic in Medford, they’re clearly buying ads for “Physical Therapy in Oregon” and other such variants. Look at the text content of the ads. Whose description is better? Why?

Search 2: Physical Therapy Near Medford Oregon in Google Maps

Google Maps Results PT Medford

This is an enhanced view of the mini map shown in the general search. If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business, you may still appear here, but you are at the mercy of random people providing information for you. You can also see those businesses that have reviews. We’re going to stay in the beginner zone here, but you can see how easily someone can research you and what a compelling case your competitors are making!

See how target getting listed in directories fits into a comprehensive content marketing plan

Presence on Directories and Review Sites: Write your own story or start working on your clown face

If you don’t write your own story, someone else will. Like this one guy I dated, voluntold me to run around in a clown get-up in front of the local tourism bureau for three hours promoting the Oregon Country Fair. Because all of my decisions are guilt-based, I stuck to the agreement he made on my behalf. And that is how you end up dressed as a clown in a strip mall pretending not to contemplate murder. To be fair, clowns are evil, so maybe contemplating murder when you have clown-face on is normal.

Reluctant clown

Don’t let someone turn you into a clown! Claim your place in cyberspace! Here’s what you’ll do:

Take or gather some great pictures of each of your clinics, including: 



    • ‚ÄčThe external entry so you can see the building and your signage
    • PEOPLE! Don’t shy away from the camera. Have pictures of your staff and the front desk and...
    • Your PTs in the treatment area treating your target market
    • Anything fun or distinctive (optional)
    • Go set up in Google My Business. Google does a great job of leading you step by step. Contact me if you get stuck and we’ll work through it together. Set up each location. This may involve waiting for google to send you a postcard, so start now.
    • Go to Facebook and create a page. Hopefully you’ve already done this. If so, review your contact info, making sure your phone and website are up to date and you have a good story in place.

    There are a million places to check out, so if you’re looking for extra credit, check out these 50. You’ve got 2 down! As a bonus, Google will like you better if you’re listed in more places. But be sure you keep your business name, address, and phone completely uniform. If they all match, Google is more likely to assume you’re legit.

    See how target getting listed in directories fits into a comprehensive content marketing plan