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  • Patient Kiosk and Interface Updates

    Posted on September 1st, 2015

    CareConnections Patient Kiosk and Interface Updates

    CareConnections will provide several new enhancements beginning September 8, 2015, which include simplified assessment queue process, FABQ available on all assessments, and the ability to delete registrations.

    Assessment Queue Process Simplified to Eliminate Problem Area Selection by Clinic

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    New Assessment Question Added in Patient Kiosk App for Patient to Select Problem Area

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    Why Allow Patients to Select Problem Area?

    Why does it make clinical sense to allow the patient to select the problem area?

    In the ideal workflow, patients should complete CareConnections Outcomes prior to their first appointment. This allows the PT to have a completed form at the beginning of the evaluation for use in goal setting. The easiest workflow to accomplish this is to have the patient complete an assessment via the Kiosk Application, preferably at home via email, but it can also be done in the clinic. The new workflow allows a patient to self-select a body region and does not rely on the clinic office staff to enter this for them ahead of time.

    What if patient chooses the wrong area (e.g. chooses Upper Extremity when it is really a Cervical/Thoracic Issue)?

    The kiosk application asks a few additional questions regarding adjacent problem areas (e.g. Upper Extremity and Cervical/Thoracic). If a PT determines the wrong area was scored, the office staff can simply open the registration and change the Anatomic Group (Diagnosis phase) and Problem Area (Intake phase), and function will automatically be re-scored using the additional questions. If the wrong problem area was selected from a non-adjacent body region, the assessment can be re-queued for completion by selecting "Re-administer Intake" and allowing patient to select a different body region.

    Does this affect non-Kiosk surveys?

    No, this functionality only affects kiosk surveys. NOTE: Clinics should never use the Patient Kiosk App to enter results collected on paper forms. Results collected on paper should be entered through the standard registration process.

    Why the switch in functionality, and why all of the focus on Kiosk?

    CareConnections is working hard at improving workflow to ease the burden of administration on offices. Utilizing the Patient Kiosk option saves a significant amount of time administering assessments, since the majority of time this can be done by patients at home. Second, we are also working on electronic medical record (EMR) interfaces. This eliminates some duplicate entry of patient information and allows for completed surveys as well as registration summaries to be automatically stored within the EMR. This new step of having the patient complete the body region assists in these registrations

    FABQ (Fear Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire) Now Trackable for All Patient Assessments, Not Just Evaluation

    • When queuing assessments to the Patient Kiosk App in CareConnections, you can now include FABQ on as many assessments as you choose
    • FABQ scores will be shown in the Assessment History section on the Registration Summary for each assessment on which they were collected
    • FABQ scores can be manually input on each assessment in the CareConnections registration process if you do not use the Patient Kiosk App

    NOTE: FABQ is an optional form that you are not required to use.

    Ability to Delete Registrations Now Available

    How do I delete a registration?

    • Right-click on a patient in your active patient list and select “Delete Registration”
    • You will encounter two separate verification prompts before registration is deleted

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    Delete Responsibly

    Deleted registrations are PERMANENTLY deleted and cannot be recovered!

    What kind of registrations should I delete?

    • Registrations entered by error
    • Duplicates of existing registrations
    • Patient no-shows

    What kind of registrations should I NOT delete?

    Any registration where outcomes are collected on evaluation visit and the patient is seen for at least one visit, should not be deleted. Even if a patient drops out of treatment early, this kind of case can be completed as a self-discharge and will be accounted for on your Self-Discharge report at the end of each quarter.