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Quick Easy Resource for Therapy Referrals

CareConnections’ Therapy Referral Handbook is a quick and easy resource for educating physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, case managers, and payers about referral considerations. Arranged by anatomical region, with concise two-page evidence-based treatment summaries, this resource is beneficial for anyone working with physical therapy and related disciplines. 

The Therapy Referral Handbook helps your employees, administrative staff, insurers or self-insured companies, case managers, and all interested parties understand basic physical rehabilitation treatment with important summarized Clinical Practice Guidelines. This is especially necessary when interacting with the patient or reviewing claims. Additional features of the Therapy Referral Handbook include:

  • Expanded and revised third edition
  • 102 treatment summaries with goals, frequency, and intervention
  • Considerations for referral to inform others about therapy
  • APTA guide language
  • ICD-9 Referenced

Customize Your Therapy Referral Handbook Cover

Looking for ways to add value to important contacts such as insurance companies, physicians, referral contacts, therapy clinics, prospective therapists, employers, or other prospects? Customize the Therapy Referral Handbook with a logo, address, or other pertinent information! 
Choose a marketing tool that provides applicable daily value and helps to enhance referrals and reimbursement. Customize the Therapy Referral Handbook and start expanding your referral network. Order now!

For customized orders, you must order a minimum of 40 Therapy Referral Handbooks.
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